Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bookmark Our Future Ready Librarian Symbaloo, Friends!

Our community within Future Ready Librarians and Future Ready Schools is amazing.  

We are constantly sharing so many amazing stories, projects, ideas, events, resources and more!  

There are lots of places where we are sharing these resources, but I have created a place that will help us keep it all together.  

I put together the Future Ready Librarian Symbaloo and you can find it here.
I have included the Future Ready Librarian page on the Future Ready website; the Future Ready Librarian Framework; places to connect on social media like our FRL Facebook Group and Twitter;
all of the Future Ready Librarian Webinars we have done with the Alliance of Excellent Eduction and Follett in 2017-18 are included when you click on this tile; 
lots of Project Connect Case Studies and Videos from Follett featuring Future Ready Librarians and their stories;
 Future Ready Librarian Goals in Google Sheets and a Padlet to share your goals with others;
the 10 Future Ready Librarian Collections by Destiny I have been featuring for #FavoriteFindsFriday since the beginning of the year can be found....
in the 10 FRL Wedge Collections tile; 
along with the Future Ready Librarian Collection which is a place I have added these resources to as well, but it is also a place for others to add resources too; 
 a link to play Future Ready Librarian Buncee Doodle and more! 

I will continue to add things to this Symbaloo and place let me know what I missed. This is just a start friends and will be an important place for all Future Ready Librarians to bookmark.  

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