Saturday, March 31, 2018

Picture Books For Welcoming Spring!

Is spring in the air where you live?
This week being home in Iowa, traveling to New York and Washington DC, and coming home to Denver, I saw lots of seasonal changes. We have loved watching the birds out our window in Iowa ever since Eric put up a new bird feeder and little plants popping up in Denver.
We even planted little pepper and tomato seeds last week in Iowa too!
One of my favorite things about spring is the chance to plant and garden. We get to welcome the new into our lives. It is truly like a breath of fresh air. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, I would watch my dad prepare, plant and care for the land around our house every spring and throughout the fall. Now to see my brother farming the same land is such a special thing to see.
My children always helped us kick off the spring by taking me to buy and plant flowers on Mother's Day. I look forward to this special event every year. I love this tradition of welcoming spring too!
After asking you all to share your favorite picture books about gardening and planting, Brianna and I have created an amazing collection gathered together on our Padlet. Now that we have all these picture books, how can we incorporate them into our classrooms and libraries?

One of our favorite picture books for spring is The Curious Garden. A fun way to add an activity to The Curious Garden would be to have students imagine a place where the would want to plant a garden.

Want to add some tech? Try using Buncee. You can have students create a book about why they would want to plant a garden where they chose and what they would want to plant. They could make it into a book full of colorful spring pictures and their own words.

How are you going to celebrate spring in your classroom and library?

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