Thursday, March 22, 2018

Advocates for Student Privacy....Week 8 In The Future Ready Librarian Collection Series!

Today is a BIG day as we share Week 8 of the Future Ready Librarian Collection series that I started in January.  
Each Friday, I am creating a special Collection for each one of the 10 wedges within the Future Ready Librarian framework for my Shannon's Favorite Finds that I share for #FavoriteFindsFriday. 

The 10 Future Ready Librarian Collections are filled with resources such as the FRL webinars, organizations, articles, Follett case studies, helpful tips, online communities for librarians, tools, and much more.  
Today, for Week 7, I have created the Advocates for Student Privacy Collection.  
You will find this Collection here.  I will continue to add resources to this Collection and please let me know if you have some I should add too. 

I can also make you a collaborator on this Collection too.  
I added this one to The 10 Future Ready Librarians Wedge Collections Are Here Collection that you will find here.  This is one to bookmark and then you could get to the entire series of Future Ready Librarian Collections anytime. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends!  
Next Friday, I will be sharing the Facilitates Professional Learning Collection! 

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