Saturday, January 27, 2018

Valentine's Day in the Makerspace!

I love bringing seasonal activities to our Makerspaces.  

There is 3D printing, cooking, sewing, painting, coloring, science experiments, LEGO's, relief prints, card making, weaving, building, yarn crafts and so much more that are perfect activities, projects and materials that will bring something very special to your Makerspace too this Valentine's Day. 
To give you a lot of ideas and inspire even more, you can visit the Pinterest Board that I started here.  Please follow it and if you'd like to collaborate with me, let me know. I would LOVE that.  

Tomorrow, Hagan and I are going to create, bake, build and investigate new ways to make and create new Valentine's.  What will you do in your Makerspace to celebrate too? 

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