Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Get Your "I Am A Future Ready Librarian" Sticker Here!

I had so much fun passing out the new Future Ready Librarian stickers at the FETC Conference last week.  In February, I will be passing them out at the TCEA in Texas and bringing them to India for my librarian friends too.  

I know a lot of you would love to have one so we have added the file to Follett's Project Connect website.  Now you can go to the site here, download and print the stickers to post and share as you advocate and spread the word about Future Ready Librarians.  
I have two on my laptop and they were awesome in helping me talk about Future Ready Librarians with lots of people at the FETC Conference and other places I have been in the New Year.  

Together we are making a difference for schools communities, libraries and children everywhere. Keep on making a difference #FutureReadyLibs, friends.  You all inspire me so much.  

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