Friday, January 22, 2016

You Can Now Watch Our AASL Hstry Webinar "Explore, Create, Engage: HSTRY in the Classro​om"

This week I had the honor of presenting a webinar for AASL as part of their free webinar series with my friend Claire who works with one of my favorite new digital tools, Hstry.  

Have you seen Hstry?  It is really amazing and one that you cannot miss.  Hstry is a free digital tool that creates interactive timelines which promotes collaboration and engagement in the classroom.   
And one that won the AASL Best Website for Teaching & Learning recognition in 2015. 
You will love the webinar because we shared lots of amazing Hstry timelines that children, librarians, and classroom teachers created
Claire taught us how to create timelines and all of the in's and out's of Hstry.  It was great being able to see what she was doing and how she created timelines with extra special features.

We also loved the feedback from the participants.  They had wonderful ideas and thoughts.  I learned a ton from Claire and the others in the webinar.
You can continue your learning and grab ideas, resources, and more on the Hstry site.  In fact, they wrote about the webinar on their blog.  It is called Hstry's AASL Webinar With Shannon Miller.

And you can watch the entire AASL Hstry webinar "Explore, Create, Engage: Hstry in the Classroom" below too.  We know you will enjoy the time as much as we did.

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