Monday, January 25, 2016

Join The "Celebrations Around The World" ....Global Connections, Projects, Celebrations and Fun With Cantata Learning!

We have a very exciting announcement today as we kick off a brand new global project with our friends at Cantata Learning.

It is called "Celebrations Around The World"!  You can read all about the project here on the Smore we create...and view it below too.

We invite everyone to join our project to share stories, songs, recipes, photographs, decorations, art, poetry, and other ideas for the global celebration.

This will be similar to our Winter Around the World project that hundreds around the world participated in during November and December.  You can read all about it and see the published FlipSnack eBook here.
And we have an extra special surprise for all of you....the brand new Happy Birthday...Feliz Cumpleanos book from Cantata with English, Spanish and American Sign Language that will hit the shelves February 15.
On the "Celebrations Around the World" Smore you will find everything you need including the Happy Birthday book and song.  Take a little listen here will love it!

We will make the book available to everyone online in Capstone Interactive very soon.
We have also created a Celebrations Around the World Padlet and Symbaloo full of ideas, resources and all kinds of things to get you started with this global project.
One more thing.....Please sign up on the Celebrations Around The World Project Google Document so we can get you all of the information and resources you need.  This will also be helpful in sharing ideas and making global connections with others around the world.

One of the best things about these projects are the connections that we all make.
Capstone also has a special surprise for this project and as part of their 25th Anniversary Celebration this year.

Within PebbleGO, there is a terrific section for Birthdays Around the World. They are going to make this available through a free trial, along with several eBooks in Capstone Interactive, to use as research and resources throughout the project.

There will be details about this from Capstone soon.
We can't wait to get started with Celebrations Around the World and can't wait to get connected with all of you as we kick off another amazing experience with friends everywhere.

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