Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Valentine Ideas Using Digital Tools, Hands, Creativity and A Little Love For Padlet

Earlier this week I found two beautiful ideas to create Valentine's using Storybird and Storyboard That, two of my favorite digital tools.

I decided to bring these two ideas and search for others to include in the new Padlet my daughter Brianna and I created.  The Padlet is called Fun Ways To Create Valentine's Day Cards...Digitally and With Little Hands and Hearts.   You will love what is included here.

And you will also love what Storybird and Storyboard That has included for their activities too.
In Storybird, students can use their printable pocket-sized book format to create personal Valentine's for friends, loved ones and classmates.  They can do this individually or with a group.
Storyboard That has Student Activities for Valentine's Day Activities which include The Story of St. Valentine, What Does Love Look Like, Things I Love, and Valentine's Day Cards.  
The Valentine's Day Cards activity will be fun for any grade level.

We can't wait to see what ideas you have as well.  Please feel free to add to the Valentine's Padlet.  It is public and easy to share your ideas too.

And wouldn't Padlet be an awesome place to share your digital Valentine's.  You can have each student add their Valentine to the Padlet and share.

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