Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cece Bell, Author & Illustrator, Visits Hagan & Mrs. Warwick's 5th Graders In Van Meter, Iowa After They Read El Deafo

Hagan's teacher Megan Warwick just finished reading one of our favorite books to his 5th grade class. He loves this time of the time...especially when the book is by one of our author and illustrator friends, Cece Bell.
As Megan read El Deafo to her students over the last several weeks, I connected with Cece to see if she could visit Hagan and his friends.

She was very excited to hear this news and couldn't wait to Skype into their classroom.
The kids couldn't wait for Cece's visit and each prepared a question to ask her.   
Hagan wanted to know if all of the things in the book really happened to her as a kid...  
and we loved it when Luke asked about Mike Miller.
They loved hearing more about Mike. 
One of our favorite parts of the Skype was when Cece showed us her Phonic Ear.
 This is the hearing aid that she wore as a kid.
And of course we loved it when she shared all of the other fabulous books she has wrote and illustrated.  You can check them out here on her website too.
We all love her Sock Monkey series
 At the end of our Skype I asked how it felt when she won the Newbery Honor last year for El Deafo.
We really enjoyed talking about this amazing honor and what it meant to Cece and to children's literature.  Way to go Cece!

Thank you dear friend for visiting Mrs. Warwick's 5th graders...You made reading El Deafo even more special.  And your little friend Hagan thought it was extra special.  
Visit Cece's fun website at

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