Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Slides Carnival...Bringing Life, Spice and Fun To Google Slide and PPT Presentations!

As I was working on presentations for my upcoming trip to Muskat, Oman, I spent some time looking for a new template on Slides Carnival.  WOW....This amazing resource has always impressed me but it just keeps getting better and better every time I use it.
As a Google Slides user, the cool thing about Slides Carnival is that all of these free presentation templates work in Google Slides.....
and can be downloaded as a PowerPoint PPT File to be used on your computer.  I love that!
When working within Google Slides, which is an amazing free resource, from Google....
you will find lots of beautiful designs for presentations.
With Slides Carnival, you can add several more to your bank of beautiful designs to use.
As you can see, there is something for everyone from Formal, Inspirations, Creative, and Playful.  

Take a look at a few of the awesome presentation templates they have created....
Once you find a Slide Carnival presentation template you love, it is easy to use it within Google Slides or as a PPT.
You go to the presentation template that you want to use and click on the orange button at the bottom. It says Use This Presentation Template. 
It will open up in Google Slides as a View Only presentation.  You can make a copy or download it in the "View Only" mode.
You will find the directions here.   

It is that simple. 
If you have questions on how to use Slides Carnival or any others, they have a great place to go on their website that gives this information and tells more about the designer of the templates.  

Such a fun company....and such a fun place to go when bringing lots of life and beauty to your presentations!  And of course....share this with your students and others too. 

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