Monday, October 12, 2015

Today On Mackin's Books In Bloom Blog...."Music & Literature" With Cantata Learning, Teaching Books and Much More!

One of my favorite book blogs to read it Mackin's Books in Bloom blog

I have shared this several times on my blog and through social media often.  You can read my post Everything is Blooming All Around Us....and on Mackin's Books in Bloom Blog Too! 

It is awesome! 
Today I was very excited to see a post called Music and Literature on Books in Bloom....and even more excited when I saw that this post from Mackin's very own Lisa K. was all about the wonderful books and songs from my friends at Cantata Learning
In this post, Lisa does a terrific job sharing how music is very important to our young learners for retention of information, boosting memory, and most of all.....making learning more engaging and fun.  

This is what I love about the Cantata Books too.  

By pairing beautiful songs, stories and illustrations together into each book, Cantata has created something that is truly special to the publishing world. Not only is this music available on a CD included in the back of the book and through sheet music on one of the pages, it is also easily available on the Cantata Learning website for free and as a downloadable version in iTunes.   

In the post Our Little Ones Will Have A Song For Every Story With Cantata Learning I shared even more about these special books for our youngest learners. 
I also loved checking out the other picture and fictional books with a music theme that Lisa included within this post.  I definitely will put these on my wish list of books to read.
One of my new favorites focusing on sound and music is The Noisy Paint Box....The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky's Abstract Art. This amazing book won a Caldecott Honor this year.
On the Mackin Booktalk page, you can even read more about the book, author and illustrator.

You can also go to the page....
 to read even more about this book and so many.
This is great place to get lesson plan and teaching ideas, Common Core support, book trailers, author interviews and so much more.  

With the tie in to the music curriculum with this book and others, it will be a valuable place to point music, art and teachers to as well.  
At the bottom of the Mackin Booktalk page, they always have recommendations for other books on the same subject as well.  So just one more place to learn about books focusing on music, sound and movement.

By integrating music and art into the library and classroom we can give our students learning experiences that draw them into the content we are teaching.  And by supporting this with quality literature and reading experiences, we are giving them an opportunity to enjoy learning even more.

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