Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Wonderful Visit With Lots of Very Special Teacher Librarians and Friends In Winnipeg

Last week I had one of the best times with the amazing teacher librarians and administrators who were part of the Interdivisional Learning Commons Day for Teacher Librarians in Winnipeg.  
My dear friend Heather Eby, along with the other teacher librarian coordinators, and myself planned a wonderful day with the theme Be The Change You Want To See In Libraries, Education and the World.  
We started our day participating in a giant Marshmallow Challenge
We loved looking around the room as they worked in small groups.  This was definitely inspiring to see all of the making, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.
It gave everyone a taste of what an activity like this would mean to our students.  And what if we put activities and opportunities like this in our school libraries?  This was so much fun to think about and experience.
Throughout the day we learned and shared topics such as student voice, digital tools and apps, and Makerspaces.

It was fun to give everyone a FREE Cantata Learning book from Capstone.  You can get one too by following this post and the directions there.
As we worked through the day, I added more and more to our website for the day.  
After our day together, Heather took me to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg. This was the most beautiful museum I have ever every way.

I was so moved by the exhibits throughout the museum, including the architecture which told a story in itself.
I am so very impressed with the human rights curriculum that Canadian schools teach to their young people. This is something that needs to be part of every child's education regardless where they are in the world.  The museum has great programming for each grade level.
As I packed my backpack the next day and safely tucked away the coffee cup that they gave me, I smiled and felt thankful for all of my special friendships and colleagues in Canada.

And very thankful for the opportunity to learn, share and connect with everyone in Winnipeg that week.  Thank you friends.  You are making such a difference for the libraries, schools, communities, families, and most of all the children that you work with everyday.

I cannot wait to see you all again.

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