Friday, October 23, 2015

Flocabulary Wants To Give Your Kids A Shoutout On Week In Rap Junior!

Do your students love Week in Rap Junior from Flocabulary?  

Well, wouldn't it be fun to have Flocabulary give your students a big shout out in the weekly rap!?!?!  

They can now be part of the raps by entering the Week In Rap Junior Shoutout Contest!  Every Friday evening we will announce the week's contest challenge on this page (and in your Week in Rap Junior email). You have until the following Friday to submit your entry.  

Winner will be notified Monday by 12:00pm.  Then you have the week to submit a video or photo to be included in the Week in Rap Junior video with the shout out. 
Flocabulary will shout out the winner's school in the next Week In Rap Junior video (three weeks after the initial contest was posted).   You can see all of the Week In Rap Junior videos here

So give this to your kids in the library and classroom to see what they can create and rap too!  

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