Saturday, October 24, 2015

Excited To Be One Of The New 2015-16 GoNoodle Ambassadors!

One of my favorite fun educational online places to share is GoNoodle!    And this week I found out I am one of the 2015-16 GoNoodle Ambassadors.

I cannot wait to meet everyone on the GoNoodle team and all of the other ambassadors too.

It is going to be awesome to spread the word all around the world about the amazing movement, noise, learning, and fun GoNoodle brings to our young people, teachers, school communities and homes.

You can check out GoNoodle here and get your students moving too!
And check out this wonderful post on the GoNoodle blog....Back To School Blogger Blitz!  In this post there are 101 Ways to Use GoNoodle.  It is so much fun to read lots and lots of ideas from others around the world.

Have fun and get your GoNoodle on this year!  

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