Thursday, October 1, 2015

Our Readers Can Rate Books In MackinVIA Now...and See What Others Thought Too!

There have been some interactive features updates in MackinVIA lately that make it even better than ever!  

One that I really love is that our readers can now rate books they have read.  They can see what others have rated books too. 

All they have to do is be logged into their Backpack.  
Then they can give one to five being the lowest and five being the highest rating.  
It's easy to see how other users have rated the resource.  Just click on the yellow stars to see a breakdown. 
You will want to make sure that ratings is turned on in your MackinVIA Administrator Settings.
Just make sure Rating is marked Active. 

This will be one more way that MackinVIA can help you engage and excite your students and school community to get even more excited about reading.  

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