Monday, October 12, 2015

"Good Thinking"....A Terrific New Video Series From FableVision Studios and The Smithsonian Science Education Center

I just have to tell you about a new video series from my friends at FableVision Studios and the Smithsonian Science Education Center.  It is called Good Thinking and just look at what this series will bring to our youngest learners. 

A new original animated series by the Smithsonian Science Education Center and FableVision StudiosGood Thinking! brings viewers into the classroom of dedicated science educator Isabella Reyes, as she refines and enhances her teaching of some of the most complicated topics in science. 

With the help of some unconventional classroom guides, Ms. Reyes explores the inner workings of student minds, learning how to uncover and address common student misconceptions as she guides them in building scientific understandings.
You can learn all about this wonderful science series with this YouTube video so take a look.
You can subscribe to the Good Thinking YouTube channel to get this video and more.
Take a look at this video about photosynthesis.  These videos are going to make understanding and teaching science so much fun!

Thank you FableVision and Smithsonian for sharing your love of science and teaching with all of us. 

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