Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Zoe from Chromville Teaches Our Little Ones Digital Citizenship Skills Through AR Messages

Last week I wrote about something very exciting from my friends at Chromville.....a coloring sheet just for our little ones as they are becoming amazing digital citizens.

I wrote about this in the post My Little Friend Zoe and I Created A Chromville Coloring Sheet To Share With Your Digital Citizens

Today while hanging out with Hagan, my nieces Zoey and Grayce, and my nephew Cooper, I showed them the coloring sheet and set off to have a little fun.
They had lots of fun coloring Zoe as they drew pictures and wrote words to help her be safe, nice and responsible online.
As Zoey finished, we used the Chromville app on my iPhone to scan her coloring sheet.  She was super excited to see her pop up off the paper. 
When Grayce and the boys finished coloring, we couldn't wait to see what Zoe learned from theirs too. 
 They had important messages to share.
As I was watching Zoey play with her page and the Chromville app, I saw her click on Zoe.

Zoe reached down and clicked on the mouse.....and guess what happened!  Up popped four more screens sharing important digital citizenship messages with all of them.
Each time Zoe was responsible for clicking on the mouse to go to the next screen.  They can do this as many times as they would like.
What a perfect resource to use with our students and school communities as we teach them how all of the digital citizenship skills that are essential for them to know.
I hope this is something that Grayce shares with her librarian and teachers too next fall. 

You can too....and it is easy.  
Just go to the Chromville website. You can print off this coloring sheet and the others from Chromville free from their website here

And remember to get the Chromville app too.  It is free as well. 

Have lots of fun with Zoe too. 


  1. I couldn't wait to try this app today after reading this post. My second library lesson for my older students usually focuses on digital citizenship. However, after scanning my completed picture with my iPad and my Android phone, I couldn't get it to work. Is anyone else having trouble? I won't give up- this seems so cool! =)

  2. I figured it out! =) You cannot be overzealous with coloring like I was. Only Zoe and the computer may be colored. I colored the background and added extra details. I think it was hard for the camera to then scan the picture because of the overabundance of details. Once I reprinted and colored less, it worked great. Thanks for sharing this Shannon!