Monday, June 15, 2015

Congratulations To The FlipGrid Graduation Voices 2015 Winners and Top Voices!

Today the winners of the FlipGrid Graduation Voices 2015 contest were announced....and I can't wait to share them too!
Eliot is the winner of the High School Graduation Voices and Jay is the winner of the College Graduation Voices.  Both of these young people are just so excited to take on the world and it really showed through in their FlipGrid videos.

You can watch Eliot's video here and Jay's here.
It was a wonderful being part of the FlipGrid judging team, along with my friends Alec Couros and Andy Plemmons.

Thank you to all of the amazing young people that let their voices be heard in sharing on the Graduation Voices FlipGrids.
You are all winners....Good luck with your adventures in the future.

 We can hear them all of the voices here.