Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Made With Code".....What A Beautiful Place From Google For Our Young People To Learn How To Code

One of my favorite sites for teaching our young people to code is Google's Made with Code.
As you can see from their website, Made With Code was created by Google to empower our girls (and boys too) to embrace all of the beautiful things that can be created using technology. 

This site is packed with all kinds of wonderful projects of various topics and levels of difficulty. There is something for everyone here.  

Just take a look at the Projects they have created....
Yesterday I tried the Music Mixer....it was so much fun.  
With the Accessorizer, I created a selfie. 
And with the Dance Visualizer, I made the young person dance. 
 And if you need a few more to choose from, check out More Projects too.
 There are several for beginning and intermediate levels.
I love how you can Host A Made With Code Party.
It is easy to find ways for your young ones to collaborate, innovate and celebrate with the Made With Code Party Kit they have included to download and use.
 This is something that I cannot wait to share and host with the group of girls...and boys too.
They have also included a spot on the site where you can connect with Mentors.....Full-time dreamers, beautiful makers, and culture hackers whose code is changing the world, and....
Makers....There girls are coding the world they want to see. 
As you can see, there are lots of things to inspire our children to make with code on this site.  But if you are looking for something more, check for Coding Events around you

You can also find Made With Code on Twitter and Instagram....and a few more places too on the Community page.

Thank you Google and Made With Code for giving our young people this wonderful place to connect with code.

Remember....these are all places where our boys can go too.  :)