Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Just Have To See How You Can Create, Annotate & Share Resources With appoLearning Collections

There is one website that helps me find what I am looking for when it comes to educational apps, videos and websites.  

It is called appoLearning....and I just know you will love it too. 
With appoLearning you can search thousands of expert-vetted educational apps, videos, and websites by adding them to the box and clicking on Search.  
You can Browse appoLearning when you are not quite sure what you are looking for....This can be down by Selecting Grade, Selecting Subject and Content Type.

Within this area on the appoLearning site, you can also browse content based on the Common Core Standards....
in each grade level, anchor standard, and all standards.  
As you can see, appoLearning is filled with thousands of resources just for teachers and their students and school communities.....each found and curated by expert teachers.  

Well last week our friends at appoLearning announced something very exciting....and a way for anyone to bring their own resources together in what are call appoLearning Collections.  
What is appoLearning Collections?

appoLearning Collections enable teachers to create, annotate and share lists of hand picked digital resources, including YouTube videos,iOS and Android apps, and websites, around specific subjects, topics or lessons. 

Collection creators can easily select from thousands of expert-vetted, standards-aligned resources from appoLearning search and/or add their own resources (including anything that is URL-addressable including videos, apps, websites, assessments, Dropbox links, Google Drive links, Evernote links) and upload their own files (Photos, Lesson Plans, Videos, PowerPoints, PDFs, etc.). 

Collections empower teachers to continually manage the use of great digital resources into their classroom and to share these with peers, parents, students, and administrators.
How to create Collections on appoLearning? 

Here is how one can create and view Collections on appoLearning:  
Click or tap “Create a Collection” to get started. From there, login via Facebook, Google or Twitter to get started. Once one has named, described and tagged a collection, there are three simple and fast ways to build it. 

Resources for any Collection can be pulled from the thousands of digital resources already vetted by appoLearning experts

Simply type in the search term on appoLearning, or browse by subject, grade-level, device and Common Core Standard, to find a list of vetted resources. While searching, one can also filter to show only FREE options. Simply press the “Add” button next to each resource to add to a collection. Click the “View” button to go back to the collection at any point.
Add in resources from other collections by simply pressing the “Add” button for individual selections or the “Add All” button to grab the entire collection

Digital resources that are not included in appoLearning search can also be added to a Collection. Simply paste the relevant URL - any URL, including those that point to a website, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play,  Prezi, Pinterest, Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., - of the selected educational resource, and it will be instantly added to the appoLearning database and included in the collection. 

Files can also be uploaded to be shared via a collection.Simply drag and drop the file - any digital file including photos, videos, lessons plans, quizzes, powerpoints, pictures, Smart Notebook software and more - and it will also be added to your appoLearning Collection. 
How to share appoLearning Collections?

Each collection has its own unique URL that can be shared via email, messaging, or any social media channel.  appoLearning includes an embed feature to include the collection on a website in addition to one-click sharing for Twitter and Facebook.  . 
How to find Collections?

All appoLearning Collections can be found via the search box at top of the Collections page or by using the tag navigation to the left of that page.  

What’s next for appoLearning? 

appoLearning Collections are free of charge.  As you begin to plan and organize your lessons for the upcoming year (after some well-deserved time off!), we encourage you to start creating and sharing your own Collections of resources to understand how easy - and addictive! - it can be. 

We are getting tremendous feedback from teachers on how to make the product even better, as well as a lot of special requests for how schools and districts can best take advantage of the platform and technology. 

If you need help getting started, contact appoLearning for a demo.

You can get started right away, or contact us for a personal demo so YOU can become that teacher everyone turns to for recommendations. 

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