Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Little Friend Zoe and I Created A Chromville Coloring Sheet To Share With Your Digital Citizens

My friends at Chromville asked me to be part of a special project a few months ago.  

They asked me if I would help them create a new Chromville augmented reality coloring sheet!  I was so excited and honored.  
I decided to include little of their sweet characters from my coloring sheet. I wanted to have one that would include Zoe practicing being a good digital citizen.   

What fun it is to play with technology!  We need to be responsible and safe when using the Internet. Let's show Zoe how to be a good digital citizen.  Draw your idea on the screen to help Zoe. 

Just think how your students will love showing how Zoe can be a good digital citizen.  This will make their learning come to life!  

Last week in Brisbane, Australia at the EduTech Conference, the attendees in Joyce and I's App Smashing Masterclass showed Zoe how to be an amazing little digital citizen too!  
They had such fun coloring Zoe and making her come to life with the Chromville app.         
When you have your students help Zoe to be responsible and safe online, Chromville wants to know too by sharing it with them through email or social media.  You can find all of the ways above.  

It will be fun seeing all of the different ways Zoe can be the best digital citizen she can be.  

We can't wait to see all of the ways Zoe has been hanging out with you.....being safe, responsible, and having fun!  

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