Saturday, June 13, 2015

So Fun Adding One Of My New Favorite Online Resources, DK Find Out, To MackinVIA!

I love adding awesome digital resources to my MackinVIA!  

I added one of my new favorites today..... DK Find Out
Last week, I wrote about DK Find Out and all of the fascinating things our young learners will find, learn, and share with this wonderful new site.   You can read that post here.

It is simple to add new digital resources to MackinVIA.....It only takes a few minutes and gives your students, teachers, and school community access to so many things.

Here are the directions to add DK Find Out, and other digital resources, to your MackinVIA too!

Go to and log into your account.
On the right hand side, you will click on My MackinVIA.

That will take you into the MackinVIA Administrator screen.
In the top gray tool bar, you will click on Manage.

From the drop down menu, select Resources.
You will then click on Add New Resource.
To add DK Find Out, I added the Title, Author, and Resource URL, to fields for Resource Details. 
You can also add information to other fields, such as Resource Image. I took a screen shot of the DK Find Out website and uploaded it into this field.

I saved the new resource information with my account.

Now I needed to add DK Find Out to the Kindergarten Animal Projects Group within my MackinVIA.
I went to Manage and then to Groups.  

Next,  I clicked on Manage Resources within the Kindergarten Animal Projects Group from the list.
Once in the Resources for Kindergarten Animal Projects page, I typed in DK Find Out into the search bar to find that resource.  When it came up, I clicked on Add.  

It automatically added it to the Group.
When I added resources to my MackinVIA, I also log into the student side of things to make sure it is there and easily searchable.   
I just know they will love being able to find DK Find Out within MackinVIA, especially within a Group all about animals.  There are so many animals to learn about on this wonderful website.

I can't wait to see what they FIND OUT too.