Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Remind Has Something New For All Of Us.....It Is Called Remind Chat!

Remind is one of my favorite digital tools to use with students, teachers, parents, and others within our school communities and networks.

It is easy to send updates, share news, and promote special events.....To name just a few of the awesome ways to use Remind.  
I even have a Remind Class called Shannon's Library and Tech Voice that you can all join to get fun library, technology and educational updates and news from me.  You can sign up by following the instructions above.

You can also read more about this on this post from my blog.
With Remind Chat it takes all of the great things about Remind one step further by bringing us a way to have safe, secure and simple conversations with our students, teachers, parents and others.

It is important to be able to reach our students on the devices that they love and to be able to share important information with parents quickly and easily.

To sign up for Remind Chat, you can go to this link to sign into your Remind account or sign up for free.
Over on the left hand side of Remind you will see Chat right under Home.  Click on Chat and it will allow you to send a Chat to individual students, parents, or whoever you want.
You can also decide if students and parents will be able to initiate a Chat with you by going into Settings and choosing the classes you want to enable this feature with.  
It is very easy to start a New Chat by clicking on the button at the top of the left hand side.  You can choose a Class or individuals within these classes.

Remind Chat is easy to use on a computer or device.....And as always, super easy to use all the time.

With summer here and school out for the next three months, think about how you can use Remind and Remind Chat to stay in touch with your students and parents.....and share fun information with your teachers and colleagues throughout the summer too.