Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bringing Us Authors, Songwriters, Art, and Their Stories Through The buncee "Author's Corner"

Our friends at buncee announced something really special this week.....The new Author's Corner on!
The Author's Corner will feature a collection of buncees from authors, songwriters, and their works.

This will be a wonderful way to get our young people excited about reading and writing by engaging them in literacy and fun learning experiences.
Within each buncee, the authors will share the story of how they became a writer and what inspired them to do so.  They may also share one of their stories within a buncee.

This will be such a great way to really get our students excited about creating digital stories too.
The first two buncees featured are from Michael Paraskevas and Brady Rymer.  You can see their buncees by clicking on their names.
Just look at all that the buncee from Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could contains!  Kids will love this and become super excited as they work through the pages of the buncee individually or with their class.
I especially love the Classroom Questions towards the back of the buncee.  .
This will be an easy way to take the learning one step further and truly engage students in the learning throughout a buncee.  The sky is the limit with what can be included, played, shared, learned, and read. 

Thank you buncee for bringing us so much fun and fantastic stories with your new Author's Corner. We can't wait to see who you will bring to us next.