Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Wonderful Visit With Cantata Learning To The Kindergarteners At Concord Elementary....Just Look At The eBook They Created Too!

Last week I had such a fun time visiting the kindergarteners in Concord Elementary in Eagon, Minnesota.

Their wonderful teacher librarian, Laurie Holland, invited my friends from Cantata Learning and myself to visit their beautiful library.....and the sweet little ones from Mr. Davidson's kindergarten class.
We started the day by creating tiny noise makers together.
This was a fun way for them to show their individuality and to have something to make music with when we sang and danced to the songs and books from Cantata Learning.
It is also the perfect activity to show that by working together you can create something awesome and useful.
You can see how we created the Noise Makers by going to this Google Document we have created with instructions and pictures.   This would be helpful to print off and laminate for your students to use over and over again as they create musical instruments too.
Laurie had shared the Cantata Learning book Summer...Hot Days in the Sun by Lisa Bell the week before we came to visit.
After listening, reading, and singing the book, the kindergarteners from Mr. Davidson's classroom drew illustrations for a book they were going to create called Summer Fun. 

Laurie took the illustrations and uploaded them into a digital tool called, which lets you create easily create digital eBooks.

After the eBook was complete,  she created this YouTube video above my using Screencast-O-Matic to capture the pages as she moved through the book.  
While we were there, the kids showed off their cool new eBook.  We love what they created and they were very excited to share their eBook.  It was fun to shake our noise makers as we all sang the song together. 
As you can see, Bookemon looks awesome on the big screen and makes it so much fun for the little ones to see what they have created as the read and sing along. 

There are so many different ways to bring music, fun, movement, and joy into the library and classroom with all of the books from Cantata Learning.  This is just one more idea for all of us to try in our schools and homes too.  

Thank you to everyone at Concord Elementary for letting us share, create, dance, and sing with you...especially Mr. Davidson and his kindergarteners....and of course Mrs. Holland for being special to all of us.