Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hagan's Awesome Performance In The Van Meter Wax Museum As Iowa Basketball Legend, Chris Street

Our son Hagan was in a very special event last week.   

It is called the Van Meter 4th Grade Wax Museum and is one of the highlights of their elementary years at our school.  
I spent the day with the amazing 4th graders and saw lots of characters coming in and out of the classrooms like Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Dr. Seuss...
and even Albert, the first monkey in space. 
In the Wax Museum, the students choose to portray someone who is deceased. Hagan, being the biggest Hawkeye fan I know, was Iowa basketball player Chris Street.  
Chris played basketball for the Iowa Hawkeyes in the 90's.  He was killed tragically by a snowplow after leaving a team dinner in Iowa City.  I still remember that day and the sadness that it brought to people all across Iowa.  
One of the biggest parts of the Wax Museum is the research and writing of the speech they give during the performance itself.  Hagan located a lot of important information online and filled out the questions that he needed for his speech. He did an awesome job researching at school and home. 

Robbie also did a little research of his own and found an Iowan that played basketball with Chris, Wade Lookingbill.  Robbie and Hagan met Wade at Wobbly Boots one night so Hagan could interview him to find out a little more about Chris and the years they played basketball together for the Iowa Hawkeyes.  

He learned so much about their years playing together and was able to practice his interview skills too.  Hagan really enjoyed this experience....especially meeting Wade, a wonderful Iowa athlete as well.  
Hagan did a great job putting together an outfit that looked like Chris Street's basketball uniform.
I love how he brought his basketball to hold too.  
Hagan's grandma and grandpa came to watch the performance with Robbie and I.  We were all so very proud of Hagan and the work that he did to become Chris for the Wax Museum.  

All of the 4th graders impressed us with their performances....Along with the teachers who made it extra special too.   

We shared the video of his performance below....You will love to learn about Chris Street too.