Monday, May 4, 2015

Awesome New Ways To Promote & Engage Your Readers With The eResources Within MackinVIA!

Picture your students looking around the library for a book and they see this sticker in the upper corner that tells them there is an eBook available within MackinVIA too.  

They can use the print and eBook in a variety of ways together but making that connection....
to the same eBook with MackinVIA is engaging and fun for our readers.  It is also super helpful for teachers and parents to know that too.  

When I started using MackinVIA to organize all of the eBooks, databases, and audio books within the library I did everything I could to spread the word within our school community about this new great place everyone could go to find the things they needed. 
We had a big kick-off day with all of our students, teachers and parents.  It was really fun to roll out this new platform. 
We created posters to engage our school community within MackinVIA and hung them around school, town, and shared them on our social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.
I also made smaller posters to send home with the students and lots of lots of business size cards for them to tape onto their laptops, put inside their bags and planners....
and even pull out of their wallet when needed.
We encouraged our students to download the MackinVIA app on their devices to have these resources available when they needed it at school, home, and anywhere they might be. 

You can read all about our MackinVIA rollout on this post, Something Exciting Has Come To Van Meter....MackinVIA and eBooks!  

As you can see MackinVIA and everything that comes with it can make such a difference, but it does take a little effort, time, and creativity. 

But I have something awesome to tell you! 
The amazing people at Mackin Educational Resources have given us a BIG surprise!  
They have created beautiful Promotional Materials that will make kicking off and using MackinVIA within your school community so fun and easy. 

On the Mackin website, there is a page just for MackinVIA resources including Promotional Materials.

Just look at everything you will be able to find....
Custom eBook Shelf Markers which can be customized just for your library;
eBook Shelf Markers which can include...
the words This title is available as an eBook or....
 Here are two examples of how these shelf markers can be personalized for your collection...
Custom eBook stickers that are super easy to print on Avery Labels 22825 and...
can print 12 on one page;
I'm Also An eBook sticker that also print on the Avery labels...12 to a page;
Go Digital! Table Tents that print....
two on a page;
MackinVIA Backpack posters, one for young learners and...
our older learners too.
and beautiful MackinVIA bookmarks which allows you to write the UserID and Password for either your schools MackinVIA or the students MackinVIA Backpack.

There are so many ways to bring MackinVIA and all of the terrific eResources to your school community.  Mackin has just made it a little bit easier.


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