Friday, January 24, 2014

The Other Hat I Wear As A Teacher Librarian Educational Consultant With Mackin Educational Resources

Outside of my teacher librarian role at Van Meter, I wear another hat.

It is with my friends at Mackin Educational Resources in Burnsville, Minnesota.  I am a teacher librarian educational consultant and have the honor of working with Mackin and alongside teacher librarians, educators, and others around the country.

I love meeting other teacher librarians and helping them integrate eBooks and eResources, digital tools, and innovative ideas into their libraries and schools.

I also have a blog on the Mackin website called Shannon Shares.
On this blog, I share lots of ideas, resources, and stories with our readers.

This month I wrote the post Let's Kick Off The Year With MackinVIA to give everyone new ideas for integrating and using MackinVIA within their library and school too.

Next week, I am posting about integrating augmented reality into eBooks within MackinVIA using the Layar app and creator website.
These are connected to eMackin, the monthly online newsletter from Mackin.
eMackin always contains so many wonderful articles so I highly recommend you check these out. You can go back to read past issues too.

I share this was all of my teacher friends every month....there is always something for everyone.

I look forward to meeting more and more of you throughout the year through workshops, webinars, and conferences.  I would love to hear your ideas too.

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