Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 2 Of Our Snowflake Project With The First Graders.....Researching Snowflakes Using PebbleGo

Today was day two of the Snowflake Project with our first graders.  It brought so much fun to the library once again. 
During day one the little ones read and listened to eBooks and created digital snowflakes with online snowflake creators.  Today they used a database to find, read, and learn about snowflakes.  

They became little researchers as our snowflake grew even more.  
On the First Grade Symbaloo I have added the websites and resources that we are using for this project.

Included in this group is our favorite database for the youngest learners, Capstone Publishing PebbleGo.
 Once they log into "Earth and Science" PebbleGo, they will find "Seasons".
 Within "Winter" they will find several different winter topics including....

Today they read and learned about, What They Are, What Happens Next, How Do The Look, How Many, How Fast, and Fun Snowflake Fun. 
Under each of these topics, as all throughout PebbleGo, there is text, videos and voice included on each page.

It is very easy for the little ones to navigate their way through these pages by themselves...and to follow along as the text is highlighted.
 We especially love the PebbleGo Printouts that can be found under the tab to the left, Share What You Know. 
We have used these printouts with our kindergarten, first and second graders.  They all just love them and are proud of the research they are doing by drawing pictures, writing information, and....
even writing the citation at the bottom of the page by finding it easily on the PebbleGo website.
They used most of today to research snowflakes.  It was a lot of fun to see what the first graders wrote and drew.  They definitely learned several things they can use in the project that we will start to work on next week.
 We can't wait to share what we learned with each other next week too.

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