Saturday, January 11, 2014

FableVision Learning "Stationery Studio" Brings So Much Fun.....Now Lets Bring Stationery Studio To YOU!

The first week back to school in 2014 and the perfect time to try out a lot of new things in our library.  

One of the BEST things we did was bring FableVision Learning Stationery Studio to Van Meter.  
My amazing friend Terry Shay told me how awesome Stationery Studio was over the holiday break, I started playing and creating with it at home.  

With Peggy Healy Stearns, as the children's software designer, and Peter H. Reynolds, as the artist, behind Stationary Studio how couldn't I just love it!  

Then to really dig into all of the potential and how Stationery Studio can support our students and curriculum, I couldn't wait to show our students, teachers, and community.

And now I just have to share what Stationery Studio can bring to young writers with all of you too. 
After downloading Stationery Studio onto my laptop, I was so excited to see all that it included..... Creating Stationery Projects, Classroom Activities, Sample Projects, and even a Photo Gallery. 
I watched this video of my friend Peter talking about Stationery Studio from the FableVision Learn website and was happy to see that it also included.....
Stationery Studio Tour!

Within the tour you can learn all about the program through videos, text, and loads of tips and ideas.
I also downloaded and printed off this flyer to share with everyone at school and as a reference for me.
I will give you a little tour of what Stationery Studio brings to all of us.

Within Classroom Activities, you can pick from different subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Science & Health, Social Studies, and more.
I loved looking through the different activities.

I found one activity called "Fairy Tale Times" for a newspaper type article and another called "Daily Weather Report" which could be used in a variety of ways.
With Black History Month coming up in February we always do an "I Have A Dream" project.  I love how Peter has created a beautiful drawing to go with this classroom project with that theme.  
When you click on "Sample Projects" a window pops up with a large variety of sample choices.  I always love showing my students ideas and examples of quality, creative work so this is perfect to include within Stationery Studio.
The Photo Gallery is another place for wonderful inspiration.
It is very easy to start a new stationery project....for any age level.

You just click on the "New Stationery" button above.
Then you "choose a theme".
Next, you "choose a design".  There are so many options for different designs and you can also choose boarders, shapes, and envelope sets here too.
As I introduced Stationery Studio to my students in the library, they were able to walk through the program and started creating their very own projects right away.  I loved seeing the different themes and designs that they picked.                                      
My 3rd grade friend Emma, wrote this story about friends  She had fun selecting the different lined paper and what her font looked like.  She also loved the illustrations created by Peter on the page.

When Emma was done writing her story, it was easy for her to save it to work on when she came back next week.  I also printed it off later in the day to see what it looked like.  I just love how these pages can be printed to display, sent, or even be made into a book for the classroom or library.

I love making eBooks with the kids which we could easily do with Stationery Studio projects too.

 It would be really fun to create a classroom or library eBook for Black History Month with everyone having their very own "I Have A Dream" page.  If the pages are saved as a PDF or JPEG, you can upload them into a program such as FlipSnack to create a flippable eBook.

We will definitely do that!  :)
When my 4th grade friend Shea tried out Stationery Studio after school during our "Technical Difficulties Library Club", she wrote forever.  When I asked her what she thought she told me she loved it and was on page 6!
I love how she saved her entire story in Stationery Studio and can come back to it next week.

As you can see Stationery Studio will bring so much happy, creativity, reading, and writing to our young people and communities.  I can't wait to see what it brings to my library and school this year.

As a special way to kick off the new year, FableVision Learning wants to giveaway one license of Stationery Studio to a very lucky reader.

Please fill out the Google Form below to enter the drawing.  I will announce the winner on January 20, 2014.

Good luck and happy creating!  

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