Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tales2Go and Mrs. P...What A Wonderful Team They Make!

As the second graders investigate, read, write, and learn about more and more fairy tales, we wanted to introduce them to another place to connect with different ones too.....


Tales2Go is a database where our young people have access to over 3,000 wonderful audiobooks which are streamed directly to a computer or device.

With all of the audiobooks, there are dozens of fairy tales that I just know the second graders will love.
I showed them how to use Tales2Go on the iPads.  We have the Tales2Go app downloaded onto all of the iPads, so this was the perfect way for them to try it out for themselves.

I showed them how they would go to "Fiction" and then to "Fairytales and Myths".  From there they could browse one they wanted to listen to in the library.
Our school community can also get to Tales2Go through the Van Meter MackinVIA.  On the left hand side, users will find "Audiobooks" under "Your Filters".  When you click on that, it brings you to the page above.

You then click on "Open Now" to go into the Tales2Go website.
I loved watching what then happened as I walked around the library.  The second graders were finding several audiobooks by one of their favorite authors, our friend Mrs. P.  

They have Skyped with her and hear her name often within our school, so to find her fairy tales in Tales2Go was really exciting for them.  
Within Mrs. P's Magic Library, they can read and listen to several of her fairy tales. 
Mrs. P has a YouTube channel which contains lots of fun videos of her reading fairy tales and others. 
The kids will be especially excited to see the group of "Favorite Fairy Tales" as they continue to study and create their own fairy tales.  
She even has an app that we have downloaded onto the iPads.  They can read fairy tales from the app too.  
Here is a list of all of the Mrs. P Fairy Tales in Tales2Go.  I will share this with the second graders this week as they look for more to listen to and read.
As you can see they just loved what Mrs. P brought to them on this day.
We will continue to listen to audio books in second grade within the classroom and library.  I also sent home bookmarks with all of the login information so they can visit the site easily all the time.  
I can't wait to show them a list of all of the fairy tales too.  This is just one page....There are ten!  

These lucky little people will enjoy the selection they have.....And I am excited for the diversity and choice it will give them. 

Thank you Mrs. P and Tales2Go for bringing our young people such wonderful resources, books, and experiences.  

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