Thursday, January 23, 2014

"I Have A Dream" Buncees From The 5th Graders Created With Our Friends From Buncee!

A few weeks ago I received a tweet from Buncee.  This was a new one for me but it sounded fun from the start!
I checked out the profile for Buncee on Twitter and was excited to read....

Buncee is your creation and presentation tool, simplified and buncee bits for iphone and ipad.  

I couldn't wait to check it out and went right to their website at

On Monday, which was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Manasi Hukku and Manisha Hukku, two wonderful girls from Buncee, visited Kate Goodwin's 5th graders in the library.  
Manasi and Manisha showed the 5th graders all around Buncee. 
Before they came into the library, I set all of them up with a Buncee Student account in "Buncee for Education".   They signed into their new account with a simple username and password.  

Then they were ready to learn about creating Buncees right along with the girls.  
This is an awesome video that explains Buncee for Education too.
After logged in, the first screen that pops up when you click on the red pencil in the right hand corner that says "Create Now" is one that says Your Buncee Digital Canvas.  
You can also select the "Category" that you Buncee falls into, along with the privacy and commenting sections.
You can also "add some zing" to your Buncee with all of these different creative tools.  

I love Buncee and what I saw!  And the 5th graders were super excited!

It was easy to start creating right away.  We told the kids that they were going to be create a Buncee celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

After watching 5 minutes of his I Have A Dream speech, they were inspired to create their own I Have A Dream Buncee.
They went to Google to select images, videos, and quote from Mr. King.  
Manasi and Manisha continued to help as they created giving them hints and tips on how to make their Buncees even more creative.  
It was so fun to watch all of the students create something different than the person next to them.
They also enjoyed going on the internet to research Mr. King as well.  With it being such an important day in history this sparked lots of wonderful conversations among the young people.
They liked seeing how Manasi and Manisha I Have A Dream Buncee was coming along too.  
Lily loved Buncee from the start....In fact, even before class because she was the one who helped me set up all of the student accounts.

She decided to go over to the laptop and get a little one-on-one time with the girls.  I love how they were brought into the library as teachers on this day too.
She created something so special and unique to her feelings about the day.  
The girls talked about Lily and her Buncee creation on Twitter too.
There are also so many different ways to share your Buncees.....through social media, email, Google Drive, and one can even embed their Buncee's.

This will be a popular feature of Buncee as they love to embed them into their blogs, Padlets, Smore, and other digital tools.
Next time they are in the library, they will continue to work on their I Have A Dream projects.  They are all off to a super start.....

I can't wait to see where they go from there.
You can also go to the Buncee blog, which ROCKS by the way, to the post Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. With These Creative Buncee Projects.  
When you are getting started and looking for ideas, there are also pages on the Buncee website entitled Examples for Educational Use...

This really gives you a variety of projects to check out and share for ideas and inspiration.  
The fifth graders and me just loved having the Buncee girls visit us in our library.  They will be coming back next week to connect with the other section of 5th grade, Aubrey Safford's class.  

It was so sweet of them to send a cute Buncee to me to share with the 5th graders.  
For your very own Buncee Walk Through, you can watch this video too.

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