Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Black History Month"....A New Symbaloo and Time To Share With Others

February is Black History Month.  We celebrate this every year with wonderful people,  books, resources, websites, and projects.

I love all the online resources that are available....And to share them with our students, teachers, and school community is important.

I have started to pull together several onto this new Black History Month Symbaloo.  I then added this to the Van Meter Library Symbaloo which holds all of the resources we use.
One thing I LOVE about Symbaloo is that it is also an amazing social network.
When I sent out a tweet a few days ago about creating this new webmix, I received a tweet from @SymbalooEdu sharing Sylvia Butler's Black History Month webmix.  It is amazing....just filled with so many things that will be great to use.  

Thank you Sylvia for sharing this with all of us.
I was able to add this to my Symbaloo account and also link her webmix onto my new one.  My school community and others going to this webmix will be able to also enjoy Sylvia's too.

Please share other resources that you think should be added to the Black History Month Symbaloo....or share webmixes that you are creating.

Together we can bring the best things out there to others we work with every day.


  1. Kudos to you and your other teacher/ LMS for sharing with us what you have spent so much time on for your own schools. Your work and efforts are far reaching. You are helping so many educators and children by sharing! You all deserve any accolades and publicity you receive. OUtstaNDING!

  2. Hi Shannon!

    Thanks for sharing this! We've added your blog post to our Symbaloo Love page here: http://www.symbalooedu.com/symbaloolove/

    We hope you continue to enjoy your Symbaloo experience :)

    Thanks again,
    Derek | Team Symbaloo