Tuesday, July 12, 2022

FREE Pixel Art Platform From StickTogether!

I have some awesome news to share from our friends at StickTogether!  

They now have a FREE Pixel Art Platform where are students can create, print, sticker and share their own pixel art creations. 

My students at Van Meter School used the Pixel Art Platform to create amazing pixel art focused around science, community, SEL and more. This was one of our favorite projects of the year.
In this blog post, Creating The StickTogether Community Garden With Our 2nd Graders, you can read how they researched in PebbleGo and Capstone Interactive eBooks, drew their vegetable or flower, used the Pixel Art Program to transform their drawing into a stickerboard; and used stickers to bring it to life for their class community garden. 
We used a lot of the leftover stickers we had to "sticker" the art and now they have extra sticker packs for us too!  

You will find the DIY Pixel Art Starter Pack here on the StickTogether site. 
Give the Pixel Art Platform a try this summer and have fun dreaming up ways to use this with your students and community too. 

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