Tuesday, July 26, 2022

DOT! DOT! A Special NEW StickTogether Poster, Virtual Sticker Boards & Pixel Art For Our Dot Day Celebrations!

I love planning for our Dot Day celebration on September 15'ish every year.  This is the day that everyone can celebrate our uniqueness, creativity and voice by making a mark on the world. 
This summer, I am putting together resources, ideas, projects and plans for our library and classrooms for Dot Day, and connecting to authors, illustrators and other classrooms and libraries around the world. 
I also created the Let's Celebrate "The Dot" Choice Board filled with places to read, draw, sing, learn and create with Peter H. Reynolds, KidLitTV, Emily Arrow and more. 

You will find the Let's Celebrate "The Dot" Choice Board here.  You can also make a copy and edit at this link too. 
On the choice board, I added the StickTogether Pixel Art site and asked the students to Create your own DOT with StickTogether Pixel Art.  I added in a little example too.  After they create a DOT, it can be downloaded and printed as pixel art or as a sticker poster to fill in with StickTogether square stickers. 

You can read more about using the Pixel Art site here in this post

One of the projects I am super excited about came in the mail last week. 
It is a NEW sticker poster from our friends at StickTogether called DOT. DOT. 2022. 

This special sticker poster was created by students. It will be such a neat way to come together for Dot Day.  I will put this up in our library so they can collaborate and create for our celebrations. 
There will also be new StickTogether virtual sticker boards in the gallery that are based on Dot Dot drawings submitted this spring. 

You will find this beautiful art work in the gallery here
And guess what?  

Our friends at StickTogether have a special code for everyone to use for $6.00 off of the DOT DOT! StickTogether sticker poster.  You can use SHANNON at checkout for this discount.

Let's get ready to celebrate Dot Day in special and wonderful new ways, friends. 

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