Wednesday, July 13, 2022

BOOKHUB TAKEOUT Station....A Place For Teachers To Pick Up Special Books To Take & Read Together.

Earlier today, I shared a new program we are kicking off this year called BOOKHUB. 

You can read all about it in the post BOOKHUB Delivery and Pickup...A New Way To Get Amazing Books and Read Aloud Opportunities To Our Classrooms, Students and Teachers here on my blog
One more part of the BOOKHUB program is something called BOOKHUB TAKE OUT. 
BOOKHUB TAKEOUT will be located in our library on the back counter by one of the doors. 

I made this big poster with directions for BOOKHUB TAKEOUT on Canva to hang above...
...the two BOOKHUB TAKEOUT baskets.  You will find the sign here on Canva to copy for your own needs.
One for Special chapter books to take and read together and... for Special picture books to take and read together. 

You will find these signs here to copy in Canva. 
The rules are simple, as I shared on the BOOKHUB TAKEOUT Station poster...

Please feel free to take any of the books from the takeout containers to read in your classroom. 

When you are finished, just drop them back off at the BOOKHUB TAKEOUT Station. 
I have a spot right by the BOOKHUB TAKEOUT Station where bags will hang that the teachers can use if they'd like for the BOOKHUB books. 
I designed and ordered them on Vistaprint.  You will find the BOOKHUB logo I used on the bags here to copy on Canva. 

I will kick off BOOKHUB with the teachers in our Back-to-School Library Celebration. I know there will be things we have to tweak and change along the way, but I can't wait to see what BOOKHUB brings to our school community. 

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