Saturday, November 6, 2021

Kids Can Develop SEL Skills With "The Feelings Monster"! NEW In Kahoot and Microsoft's Reflect!

Social emotional learning is such an important part of the education and support we provide our students at school and at home.  With the increased awareness and priority of SEL by all of us as teachers, librarians and parents, I am always looking for new and engaging resources, books and experiences to bring to our school community. 
This week, I was excited to see this new partnership with Kahoot! and Microsoft as they bring us The Feelings Monster.  

As shared by Kahoot on their site, to support students in building skills like self-awesome, self-management, decision-making and more, Microsoft and Kahoot! have teamed up to provide a new, ready-to-use collection for SEL learning in any environment. 

With Microsoft’s Reflect incorporated into a collection of 8 ready-to-use social emotional learning kahoots, educators and parents can now help students develop the vocabulary and skills they need to express feelings, navigate stress, deal with change, develop empathy, manage anger, set goals, and more, all while having fun! 

The collection is available for free for all Kahoot! users on Kahoot! Academy, a global knowledge platform, online community and marketplace which allows anyone to access premium content that supports engaging and meaningful learning experiences.  
I can't wait to share this new SEL resource with our school counselor and teachers on Monday, so today I gave Feelings Monster a try in Kahoot!

This is what I found. 

There are three Kahoots! in this collection...Expressing Feelings, 
Managing Stress and...

...Anger Management

The Microsoft team worked with SEL experts to select 51 emotion words that students can identify with to help them build the vocabulary they need to express themselves clearly. The check-ins that make up Reflect are used to help students develop the language needed to talk about feelings, which is foundational to social emotional learning, as well as check in on relationships in the class, take a quick pulse on the class mood, and more.
I gave the Anger Management Kahoot! a try. 
After students log in, 
there are questions and...
...informational slides for learning and conversations.  

The Feelings Monsters will keep students engaged and interested in answering the questions and learning throughout the Kahoot!  

The activities can easily be extended into more conversations and even projects such as creating a Buncee or sharing a Flipgrid video about the emotions they will visualize and learn about. 

To learn all about The Feelings Monsters Kahoots! visit the blog here. You can also learn all about Reflect and how this helps with the social emotional learning support of your students too. 

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