Sunday, November 7, 2021

Check Out The NEW Podcast Series, Libraries Lead in the New Normal

I love finding podcasts that inspire, excite and give me lots of ideas to bring back to our library and school, and to use throughout my work as a teacher librarian and educator. 

Libraries Lead in the New Normal is one of those podcasts that does just that!  
Mike Eisenberg and Dave Lankes are "the brains behind the microphone" as they host wonderful guests and discuss important topics around librarianship and other topics. 

There’s an emerging new normal. 2020 was brutal and has affected all aspects of our lives. As we come out of the pandemic in 2021 and beyond, we must ask, “Are these changes temporary and short-lived or are more fundamental and long-term?” It seems like this is a good time for re-examination and possibly reset of home-life and work-life, education, commerce, social life, politics, and even recreation. We think that this can be a valuable time for life-altering, ground breaking, and transformative change.
I was honored to be highlighted in one of their podcasts as an Awesome Library Thingys. 

You will find that episode here.
And don't miss all of the other amazing episodes of Librarians Lead in the New Normal. You will find them here wherever you pick up your podcasts. 

Thank you Mike and Dave for the inspiration and conversations.  

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