Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Buncee SEL Toolkit....Your Guide For Integrating Buncee Into Your Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Our friends at Buncee have created an amazing new guide for integrating Buncee into your Social Emotional Learning curriculum.  It's called the Buncee SEL Toolkit! 

When I saw this tweet from Buncee, I couldn't wait to dive right into the SEL Toolkit to find the templates, resources and information on social and emotional learning they have created and included. 

Let me give you a little glimpse into the Buncee SEL Toolkit.  

It starts out by giving a wonderful overview of SEL, tying into information and resources from CASEL.

The next page takes you through the Benefits of SEL, with the Buncee SEL Toolkit for K-6 and the Buncee SEL Toolkit for 7-12.  

The Buncee SEL Toolkit for K-6 includes five categories for Self Awareness, Relationship Skills, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision Making and Self Management with templates for each. 

For example, when I click on the Self Awareness templates, it opens up to...

...this Buncee Board with many special and helpful Buncee templates that can be used by any Buncee user. 

The same for the Buncee SEL Toolkit for 7-12. It includes the same categories and...

...Buncee Boards with templates.  They are all amazing!  There is something for every topic of SEL and more. 

The SEL Toolkit goes onto to talk about Dealing with Emotional Distress and using the Mood Meter in Buncee.... show how you are feeling.  Kids will love using this as an opener to the day, within a lesson and even as a check in throughout the day.  

I really appreciate how the SEL Toolkit discusses Building Stronger Communities, especially as we think about kicking off a brand new school year this fall.  The information and activities will be helpful for all of us, including the resources at the end of the toolkit. 

You will find the SEL Toolkit Buncee here and a PDF of the Buncee SEL Toolkit here We have used Buncee for so many projects around the social and emotional learning of our students over the years.  I can't wait to find more ways and inspiration with this toolkit too. 

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