Thursday, June 3, 2021

120 Capstone eBooks For ALL READERS, All Summer Long For Virtual Camp Adventure!

We are so excited about everything happening this summer at Our Virtual Camp Adventure.  

This special virtual event for our students and families can be found here and is a place for them to learn, read, create, move, make, technology and so much more.  

And one of my favorite parts....There are 120 Capstone eBooks for EVERYONE all summer long! 

In each of the bi-weekly choice boards, there are 20 eBooks around that theme. Each book cover goes directly to the eBook in Capstone Interactive.  There is no login username or password, which make it super easy for all readers to access the eBooks. 

As I hear from my readers at Van Meter on the eBooks they are loving this week, I am starting to make a little list of books I would like for our library this fall.  Our kids will love finding these familiar books on the shelves to read and check out.  

To make it easier to look through all of the eBooks, here are the lists where you will find them too....


Fairy and Tall Tales Books List

Sports Tales Books List

Scary Tales Book List,

Let me know if you have any trouble accessing the eBooks or the lists. I am happy to help you, friends. 

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