Wednesday, June 30, 2021

It's Week 5 Of The Future Ready Librarian Book Club! Find Out Our Plans For The Week Here, Friends.


This week we are reading Chapter 4: Leading Through Equity.  Then complete these 2 items. 

  1. We want you to take the #LeadingLibs Challenges on page 85 and create a sense of urgency around bringing equitable access to your students. Use the list on page 86 to get you started. Share your plans and ideas in the comments of this Facebook post so we can all learn together. Take it one step further and share it with someone from your school or district too.

  1. Also, take a look at the Discussion Questions on page 87. We will be asking you to share your answers in another Facebook post in a few days.  Get ready for the conversation. 

Let us know if we can help in anyway.  And remember, you will find all of the weeks and information on our Future Ready Librarian landing page here at

We can’t wait to hear how you are leading from the library through equity, friends.

Shannon and Bill 

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