Tuesday, June 22, 2021

It's Week 4 Of The Future Ready Librarian Book Club! Find Out Our Plans For The Week Here, Friends.


Hi, friends, 

It’s officially summer!  We hope you are having a wonderful week. 

Did you get to know your culture better last week?  Did you push your thinking and embrace a #LeadingLibs Challenge or two? Shannon was on vacation in California but did lots of brainstorming and sketching on that new space she is creating in her library.  This book club has really helped us take time to think through and push our thinking and goals this summer.  We hope it has given you that time too. 

Thank you for adding to the discussions within our Google Slides and video responses on Flipgrid.  You can continue to leave responses and listen to others here on flipgrid.com/056397d3 with the password FRLbookclub.  Let’s keep those conversations going as we grow together throughout the summer.

This week we are reading Chapter 3, Be A Champion.  This chapter addresses advocacy and encourages readers to find and tell their stories.  Here, we identify strategies for amplifying student voices and connecting the work of the library to the greater community. 

After you read Chapter 3, please complete these two items: 

  1. We want you to take the #LeadingLibs Challenges on page 69 and 

get creative in showing us which one you are going to take as you are a champion for your library program. For example, you could create a back-to-school newsletter using Buncee; lay out a branding 

plan for your library using Canva; start a library Facebook page and more. Share your #LibraryLibs Challenge for the week on this Padlet bit.ly/FRLchampion and comment too.

  1. Also, pick one or more of the Discussion Questions from page 70 and share your answers and ideas  in the comments of this Facebook Post. There are lots of things to share. 

Each week, we are posting in the Future Ready Librarian Facebook Group.  We can use this as a place to continue the conversation, ask questions and share our ideas and thoughts.  

Reach out if you have any questions.  We are always happy to help as we grow together and lead from the library, 

Shannon and Bill

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