Sunday, June 20, 2021

A NEW Choice Board To Share With Students & Families For Learning and Practicing Keyboard!


With the summer months here, several of our families have reached out to ask for places and ways their children can learn and practice keyboarding.  
We work on keyboarding throughout the school year with our students, but as you know these skills come with consistent practice.  

To support our students and families, I put together the Learn and Practice Keyboarding Choice Board and posted this, along with a note about keyboarding on our library Facebook page. 

Since we use with our students, I made a note to start here by logging in to their school account with their school email.  
Even though there are lots of places to go to practice keyboarding, I added sites that didn't require a username or password like, 
Dance Mat Typing, and...
On the Typetastic site, there is also the Typing Games Zone.  I added that with a note to go there after they practice typing first. 
I made a copy of our choice board that doesn't include  You can share this link with your students.  If you want to make a copy, you will find the link here

And if you would like to make a copy of the choice board that includes, you will find it here
I also wanted to share this article from We Are Teacher, which shares over 25 typing sites and apps.  

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