Monday, September 21, 2020

The Candy Mafia....A New Middle School Comical Mystery You Don't Want To Miss!

From the minute I had this new book in my hands, I couldn't wait to read and share it!  The Candy Mafia is one that will be such a huge hit as this comical mystery hits the shelves this month. 

As our friends at Peachtree shared, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Bugsy Malone in Lavie Tidhar's middle-grade debut, The Candy Mafia. 
In Lavie's first book for young readers, 
along with illustrator, Daniel Duncan, they have created the perfect book for every mystery fan, especially those who love candy, fun shenanigans, and comical and mysterious stories. 
As shared inside the front cover of The Candy Mafia

In a city where candy is outlawed, Nelle Faulker is a twelve-year old private detective itching for her next client.  So when notorious candy gangster, Eddie de Menthe, struts into her office and asks her to find a missing teddy bear, Nelle is on the case.  But as soon as the teddy turns up, Eddie himself goes missing. 

As a seemingly innocent investigation unravels into something mores sinister, Nelle and her friends quickly find themselves swept up in a shady underworld of sweet smugglers, back alley deals, and storefront firebombs.  If Nelle has any hope of tracking down her missing client, first she will have to unmask the true faces behind the smuggling ring.  Or else, this might turn into a care with a sticky end. 

When I read The Candy Mafia, I couldn't wait to read this one aloud to our students at Van Meter.  In fact, this is our next read aloud for Virtual Chapter Book Fridays!  I can't wait! 

You can read all about The Candy Mafia here on the Peachtree site.

This is one all readers will love! 

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