Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A Personalized Way To Store and Use Merge Cubes and Other Makerspace Materials

As we learn together this fall, we think a lot about all of the ways we can safely share library and Makerspace materials between our students and classrooms.  Two of resources we use a lot at Van Meter are Merge EDU and the Merge Cubes.  

In fact, our friends at Merge have made the cube pattern available free online so a few weeks ago we started having all of our students create their own to keep with them at school and home. 

After they created their very own Merge Cube, we had every student write their name on a plastic bag and put their cube inside.  The teachers then found a safe place for them to keep their cubes, often times in their desks. 

You can read about how we used the paper Merge Cube pattern and where to find it here.

Today when our 4th graders did a lesson in Merge EDU it was super easy for each student to grab their cube and scan it using the iPads.
When they finished, each student place their cube back in their plastic bag.  

This is an easy activity for us to share with our virtual learners too. 

We need to think of creative and safe ways for our students to continue this exploration, learning and creativity.  How are you doing this with your students? 

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