Sunday, September 13, 2020

Making Your Mark With Buncee For Dot Day

It's Dot Day this week, friends.  On September 15ish, people around the world will celebrate by making our mark, just like in Peter H. Reynold's book, The Dot. 
At Van Meter, our celebrations have been underway for the last few weeks as our students make dots, 
create dots to bring to life with Quiver and augmented reality, 
and even shared art with our friends at StickTogether to create these virtual stickerboards. You can find how to get them here.  They have been having so much fun collaborating on these online together.
And our wonderful friends at Buncee have put together several amazing Dot Day activities, templates, stickers and backgrounds that make the perfect place for students to make their mark too.

Let me show you around Buncee, so you will know all of the choices for your students.

First, there are several new Dot Day templates, which... students a place to make their mark...
 ..using the templates and adding..
 ...text, stickers, animations, web images, photos, videos and so much more. They could even take their own picture and video to add that shares verbally how they will make their mark.
In the Buncee Ideas Lab, there are four different Dot Day activities that make it easy and inspire your students with a description, template and..
I was very excited to see the Dot Day Buncee Board where anyone can share their Dot Day Buncee.  These will spark creativity as students make their mark in Buncee. 

By using Buncee for Dot Day, we can do these activities with our students in school, face-to-face and while we are virtually learning together. It makes it not only easy to create anywhere, it's easy to share too. 

Enjoy celebrating Dot Day, friends. We can't wait to see how everyone makes their mark with Buncee.
You can find out more and sign up for Buncee here.

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