Wednesday, September 2, 2020

PebbleGo Login Poster For Our Youngest Learners

This week I have been visiting the classrooms for little library orientations with our students.
Two of our all-time favorites to kick the year off with are PebbleGo...
...and PebbleGo Next.  They always love learning about these two Capstone databases and having time to explore it with their own interests as we start the year.  You can learn more about them here.
I want to share a quick tip with you on how I get them to our PebbleGo. 
When you login to PebbleGo, you can also login as an administrator simply by adding admin to the end of each your username and password.
It will take you in the Admin Tool within PebbleGo.

Under Login info, grab the Auto Login Link to either PebbleGo or PebbleGo Next.
I then take that link and make a QR code using QR Code Monkey.  For the TK and kindergarteners, they use iPads, so this works really well by adding it to a poster and making a copy for each student.  

They can use these at school or at home. 
And for our students with Chromebooks, I share the link in their Google Classrooms so they can bookmark our PebbleGo. This will take them directly to PebbleGo all year long.
As beginning researchers and readers using PebbleGo,
this step gives them confidence in the ability to get to everything in PebbleGo themselves where...
 ...they can search the different PebbleGo modules to find...
 ...what they are interested in learning more about and specific articles their teachers ask them to read too.  

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