Sunday, February 24, 2019

Using Flipgrid For Quick Writes!

A few weeks ago during a district wide professional development about Quick Writes, I had an idea. 
As our guest shared great information about Quick Writes, which are short 2-10 minute written responses to an open ended question or prompt, the Sample Writing-to-Learn Prompts really stood out to me.  They got me thinking of all of the ways we could use technology to have our students do Quick Writes too.  
Then I thought about using Flipgrid!  
In Flipgrid, when the students are getting ready to record, there is a little gold button on the left hand corner, that says Stickie. 
When that is clicked, a Stickie pops up that allows the user to write and read from it while they record their video into the grid. 

They can write as much as they want but are limited in how long the video is, so this will help keep them focused on their Quick Write task. 

I am excited to try this out with students!  Let me know if you do too. 

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