Sunday, February 10, 2019

Register for LearnFestATX in Austin, Texas Today....I Hope To See You At This Learning Festival In June!

On June 11-13, in Austin, Texas, there is an awesome learning festival taking place!  

It is called LearnFestATX and I am so excited to be part of it this year. 

As the conference site shares, 
LearnFestATX (formerly iPadpalooza) is a 2-day learning festival like no other hosted at Westlake High School in Austin, TX from June 12-13, 2019. We've beta tested some new concepts and ideas in the hopes of continually raising the bar on adult learning. This year's theme is "Ready Learner One" and focuses on tools and strategies for reaching each learner.
We'll have international speakers, classroom stories, food trucks, live music, competitions, and more!
This year, we'll also be hosting our "PreFestATX" Learnshops on June 11th prior to LearnFestATX. These are more focused and in-depth hands-on half day sessions for those looking to dive deeper into particular tools or subject areas. Titles and descriptions of these sessions will be posted soon. If you register before they are posted, you will be able to select your sessions after they have been posted.
Learning is a team sport! We know that more learning happens when it's done as a team, so this year we are creating discounts for groups of 4 or more to encourage that collaborative learning experience. Also, if you bring a team of 20 or larger, you'll have free access to your own private classroom lounge to discuss, collaborate and share! To ask about group rates, contact
LearnFestATX - It's not a conference, it's a learning festival!
I am super excited to be part of LearnFestATX, along with several other amazing educators and friends from around the country.  You can read about all of the featured speakers here.
And can't wait to hear the keynote speaker, Manoush Zomorodi!  

I hope to see lots of my teacher librarian and other friends at LearnFestATX.  I can't wait to celebrate learning, connect and share with all of you. 

You can register today at this link.  This gives you a 10% discount on your registration too.

See you in Austin in June, friends! 

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