Thursday, February 14, 2019

Augmented Reality Quiver Coloring Sheets Are A Hit On Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day today, we wanted to find an activity that tied in our new iPads and mixed reality as we have been trying out a lot this week in the library. 

As I thought of an activity, 
I went to the QuiverVision website.
 I knew that in the Coloring Packs from QuiverVision,
there was a Holidays Coloring Pack, so I was hopeful there was a Valentine's Day coloring sheet inside. 
And guess what? 

There was the cutest little Valentine's Day coloring sheet in the pack!
You can get to this one here and make copies for your students to do too. 
There are several other holiday coloring sheets. We did the Halloween ones last fall and they were so much fun too.
You will also find lots of different ones that cover a variety of subjects and themes.  
We did this activity with kindergarten through 4th grade today. 
It sure is fun to see how much the kindergarteners have grown in their coloring skills,
 which was awesome for....
 making a very nice coloring sheet to scan with the QuiverVision app.
 They were proud of their work too!
 We really love how they work together with the QuiverVision coloring sheets.
They enjoy seeing their own coloring sheets while scanning them with the...
 ....QuiverVision app and love celebrating their friends creations too. 

We can't wait to try another in our library.  What are you doing to try in yours? 

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